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Appraisal Services

Yes, we do appraisals. Diamonds, colored stones or pearls

Cost is $130.00 for the first piece and $80.00 per piece after that, there are some extenuating circumstances which could cause the cost to be higher, i.e. very large stones, multiple stones and sizes, etc. When we see it we can tell you.

It is done in the store, and in a short amount of time  Typically you can pick up the jewelry that same day. The appraisal will be emailed to you in a few days.

We have a qualified appraiser and can do appraisals for insurance or estate/market value.

If you are wondering as to just what you have, and if it is worth appraising, our verbal appraisal fee is $150 per hour. Bring in one or many items and we will charge by the ¼ hour.Harrison Jewelers is a full service jeweler specializing in custom jewelry designs. With more than 40 years at the jeweler's bench, Robert Harrison will make your jewelry designs reality.

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